Keep your Binance dust as little as possible

A bot for Binance traders that reduces dust while managing your BNB balance

Why traders love it

An easy to use and straightforward bot.


Reduce Binance dust

Reduces Binance dust and maximize your BTC / ETH trading capital. Please note our bot only supports BNB pairs on Binance.


Manage BNB balance

Manages your BNB balance by buying when you need and selling when you have too much, ensuring you pay the lowest fees 24/7.


Works with other bots

Build to work with bots like Profit Trailer, Profit Trailer Feeder, Gunbot and Gekko. It also works on a VPS.


Stay updated

With Telegram integration and a terminal display, you'll know exactly what is happening in realtime.

Who uses it

Tick these boxes and Binance Duster is for you.

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You already trade cryptocurrencies on Binance and use BNB to reduce fees.

Ethereum and Bitcoin


You currently trade on either Bitcoin or Ethereum markets.


You are already using a bot like Profit Trailer, Profit Trailer Feeder, Gunbot or Gekko.



You have dust in more than 30 coins.

Those who love Binance Duster

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As an investor I value my capital. Binance Duster freed up $60 of Binance dust on the first go.

Photo of Guido Giordano


The bot saved me time by managing my Binance dust and monitoring my BNB balance.

Photo of Osvaldo de Falco


Binance Duster helped me to focus on trading Ethereum and not on fees and dust.

Photo of Heinrich Tessendorf

South Africa

Not being technical, I was able to quickly install it and just let it run. I have more BTC to trade with.


A once-off price that pays for itself on the first run.


Who is behind Binance Duster

Meet someone who dislikes dust more than you.

Photo of Cedric Scheepers

Cedric Scheepers


I am an ex-management consultant, now entrepreneur. Founding CEO at Quainted. I have a passion for cryptocurrencies and I really, really hate dust. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

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Frequently asked questions

We believe you may have the same questions as some of our users:

You can either do it manually, or with the help of a bot like Binance Duster. We will explain the manual process.

Remove dust manually

  1. Log into Binance.
  2. Go to the Basic Exchange.
  3. Click on the BNB market
  4. Type CND (in this example) and select CND/BNB
  5. Select the Market sell order tab
  6. Select 100%
  7. Sell

Your API is used to get a balance of your active trades. It look at the balance of each in search of a coin that has a balance of less than 1 coin. Using BCC on the BTC market as an example, lets say you have 0.9876 BCC available. This is dust. Binance Duster will then buy 1 more BCC (as Binance does not allow transactions smaller than 1 coin / BCC in this case). Now you have 1.9876 BCC. Binance Duster will now sell 1.98 (as Binance only allows up to the 2nd decimal for BCC) on the BNB market.

Apart from usage data (how long your bot has been running), we do not collect any information from you, or your Binance API. That would be against the law if we did not get your consent. You are welcome to monitor your network traffic. But please have a read through our Privacy policy.

No. However, we encourage you to keep the API setting "Enable Withdrawals" unchecked to prevent the possibility of anyone doing anything against your will.
Binance API settings

Binance Duster can only remove dust of coins that are currently listed on the BNB market. Binance adds more support for its BNB coin, and with time, Binance Duster will be capable of dusting more coin pairs.

Binance Duster can only remove dust up to a decimal that has been specified by Binance. The same limit applies if you have to do it manually on Binance. Each coin has a different setting. Read this Binance article for specific detail per coin.

No. Your Binance Duster license is only valid for 1 computer.

Yes. Run your Binance Bot from the same VPS as your other bots. Binance Duster uses few resources, it will not interfere with any of the other bots.